• A Wing Shop No.4, Madhav Nagar Co-op. Hsg. Society Ltd. Opp. Kidwai Nagar Post Office. R.A.K. Road, Wadala, Mumbai – 400031.


UNIVERSAL ROADWAYS is one of the most trusted road transport operators and fleet owners in India with a fleet strength of 20 owned Tanker vehicles & more than 35 attached Tanker vehicles. We work in tanker transportation across India for various products.
The company was found by of Mohd. Qayyum and Mohd. Waseem & was established it in the year 2000. UNIVERSAL ROADWAYS aimed to- ‘Carrying your confidence’. We have a dedicated team of professional employees have more than 20 years of experience in transportation business.
We employ best practices in managing our business, continually improving all our processes aiming to attain business excellence. We are transparent in our dealings among ourselves and with our customers. Customer Satisfaction is always our primary goal. Integrity and honesty of our staff & workers is never in question. Business ethics are maintained.
Teamwork & employee empowerment is fundamental to our culture. We respect value input and opinion. Health & safety of our workforce is a priority for us. Quality of our work is high and aiming to be at par with international standards. Safe practices are adopted in whatever we do. We have a well established infrastructure for supporting its operation. We have a well established office set up, technical support department.
We therefore request you to enlist our company name as your approved Transport contractors and forward us your valued enquires from time to time. In case you need any more information about us please do not hesitate to write to us..


Efficient & experienced management: We have experienced staff and have segregated responsibilities to support all the management, trucking and logistics solutions.
Drivers: Our fleet of drivers and helpers have been shortlisted and confirmed after due diligence of their police clearances, past records of driving & habits in order to eliminate human negligence and errors.
Our Mission: To provide quality transportation solutions and fostering a profitable, disciplined culture of prompt delivery, safety, service, and trust. Since earliest days we have established a strong presence in the transportation industry. Our services has earned a well deserved reputation of trust, quality services and excellence that few can rival.


  • Safety of employees,and general public is always our primary focus in all the policy, procedures and programs that govern our business.
  • Safety being the primary focus at every level of management, beginning with the Chief Executive Officer and penetrating right down to every employee.
  • We Maintain high standards in employee selection
  • Provide safe working environment
  • Periodical safety training on regular basis
  • Identification of unsafe areas and their elimination through corrective measures.
  • Implementation and compliance of safety measures while reviewing policies and procedures.
  • Strict compliance to Central, State, Local safety, health, environmental Laws and Regulations Employees’ commitments to safety.


We appreciate & value your business, we also recognize that there are many factors to consider when choosing a transportation partner. We try to alleviate your pressures by helping to solve all variables in your unique complex supply chain and transportation operation at the same time maintaining a level of comfort and assurance along the way. As the industry’s most dynamic carrier, Universal Roadways continues to enhance it’s portfolio with specialty operations to meet your unique needs.
  • Safety
  • Committed to deliver
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Quality Management
  • With continuous innovation and Technology